Product Range

Marshfield Stone tiles are much quicker to lay than original stone tiles, as there is no need for sorting, trimming or drilling. Valley tiles can be manufactured if required or cut with a disc cutter and dressed with a hammer to give an authentic edge.

The roof should have an underlay or a current breather membrane, for example, Tyvek, Proctor, Roofshield, or Klober Permoforte – as used with original stone tiles. Marshfield Stone tiles feature a 20mm x 20mm hanging ‘nib’ to enable faster, more efficient laying of our slates. This information is detailed in our fixing specification, a copy of which is sent with each order and is available from our website.

A batten schedule is provided for each individual roof with measurements taken from drawings provided, or a site visit from one of our surveyors. Alternatively, tiles can be supplied to the customer’s own requirements.

As Marshfield Stone tiles are exact replicas of original stone tiles, they should be treated as such and fixed only by an experienced roofer. Our tiles are recommended for use on roofs with a pitch of 40 degrees or higher. Please call or email us to discuss roofs with a pitch of less than 40 degrees.


Marshfield Stone tiles are produced in a range of sizes: 22”, 20”, 18”, 16”, 14”, 12”, 10” and 8”. They also come in numerous width sizes, supplied in sufficient quantities to provide a natural mix on the roof. All tiles feature a hanging nib (20mm x 20mm) and also come with 7mm hole for nailing if required.