About Us

Since 1989, Marshfield Stone Tiles have been made by hand at our factory in the Cotswolds.

Our replica roofing tiles are manufactured in concrete, using a unique moulding process to reproduce exact copies of original stone tiles. These tiles are produced in over a thousand different tile sizes. The concrete used in manufacture is coloured and varies in shade, this ensures that once laid, they give the authentic appearance of a natural cotswold stone tile roof.

Marshfield Stone employ a quality control system to the standards laid down in BS 5750, to ensure consistent product quality. The tiles have undergone independent assessment by CERAM Research Ltd – Whereby they are tested for transverse strength, water absorption, sensitivity and freeze/thaw characteristics. Their conclusion states that Marshfield Stone Roof Tiles Ltd exceed the transverse strength requirements of EN 490 and EN 491 (2004,2008). Tests indicate this the product will have adequate resistance to frost, when used as a covering to timber roofs of 40 degree pitch and above, in the normal exposure conditions of the United Kingdom.

Copies of the report are available for inspection if required.